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Shipping Policy

From International Warehouse Fulfillment

  • We ship to the following countries with a flat rate of $3 for orders under $10 and free shipping for orders over $10.

United States (10-17 days)

Canada (10-17 days)

Australia (10-17 days)

Austria (10-17 days)

Belgium (10-17 days)

China (3-5 days)

Denmark (10-17 days)

Finland (15-21 days)

France (10-17 days)

Germany (10-17 days)

Greece (15-21 days)

Hong Kong SAR (5-8 days)

Hungary (10-17 days)

Ireland (10-17 days)

Italy (10-17 days)

Luxembourg (7-10 days)

Malaysia (15-21 days)

Netherlands (7-10 days)

New Zealand (7-10 days)

Norway (15-21 days)

Phillipines (10-17 days)

Poland (10-17 days)

Portugal (10-17 days)

Singapore (10-17 days)

Slovenia (10-17 days)

South Korea (10-17 days)

Spain (15-21 days)

Sweden (15-21 days)

United Kingdom (7-10 days)

Please note:

Some of the orders will be fulfilled from our International warehouse. Those orders will take up to 15-20 days to arrive. If you are not sure where your order is fulfilled from, please contact for more information.

Shipments are not picked up by our carriers on Saturdays, Sundays, & US Holidays. Expect transit updates Monday-Friday. Thank you for your understanding!

Once your order has been placed, we will send you a confirmation email which will include your order number. When your order is shipped, you will receive an additional confirmation email including a tracking number. Your order might need a signature upon delivery, so if there is no one around to receive the package, the courier will leave a delivery attempted card on your door. You can then organize for your order to be re-delivered whenever it suits you! If you choose to issue the courier with authorities to deliver the package without a signature, the brand is no longer liable for your order.

For orders shipped to Canada, taxes are included in the shipping price, while the custom import fee is not included in the shipping price

Contact us if you have any questions: